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Tetra (EGT
only) for 4-Cylinder Aircraft Engines

The Tetra is a top of the line systems that provide EGT monitoring on each cylinder. (note there are multi-engine versions of the Tetra, consult factory)

4-Cylinder Aircraft Engine EGT/CHT Instrument, click for datasheet 

The Tetra Series for 4-Cylinder Engines. The Tetra is an EGT only instrument for continuous monitoring of 4 Cylinder Engines. See the Tetra II datasheet to get the model with the CHT function added. Tetra models have 4 vertical analog needle displays to monitor combustion for all 4 cylinders simultaneously. Since there are no switches to turn you have the full engine temp picture at once. The EGT/CHT scale control allows all 4 pointers to be aligned in flight, so that any engine temp changes will be immediately apparent at a glance!


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