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KS Avionics Hexad Series 
6-Cylinder Aircraft Engine EGT Instrument, click for datasheet 
The Hexad II EGT/CHT for 6-Cylinder Engines. Similiar to the Hexad but includes 6 CHT probes as well as 6 EGT probes, and uses a switch to toggle between viewing EGT and CHT probes as a group. 

Special Hexad Features: 

Lighted Dials are available. Internal white lighting. 

Vertical Scale can be easily read, regardless of panel position.  Horizontal reading parallax is eliminated. 

Temperature Compensation means no compromise in calibration accuracy over a wide range of cockpit temperatures.  

Turbo Option a precisely calibrated readout with true temperature markings is offered for turbo-charged engines. 

Fast Response based on advanced probe design which incorporates exposed sensing bead with ceramic reinforced wires. 

Why use Hexad? 
Engine performance is a function of fuel-air ratio. The Hexad allows you to adjust the mixture properly by responding to exhaust gas temperature (EGT) readings as they reflect fuel-air ratio. 

EGT/CHT measurement and response settings are simple on the Hexad expanded scale, which covers 250o F in 25o increments. 

At constant throttle setting, a variation in mixture will cause the EGT to rise and fall -- with the peak EGT occurring when the fuel-air ratio is chemically correct. 

Engine manufacturers recommend the EGT be used for continuous operation be set at least 25oF below the peak EGT, preferably enriching the mixture.  

Maximum available power is attained by enriching the mixture for an EGT drop of 100oF below the peak. In this way, you choose between fuel economy or maximum available power, or any intermediate condition.

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