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Mixture Mizer Models for Multi-Engine airplanes
No longer available for sale, but existing installations or used units supported
Single-probe (one EGT and/or CHT probe, per engine) systems, for Multi-engine
Mixture Mizer EGT-2, (twin engine, with dual meters)
Mixture Mizer, Model EGT-2 (twin engine with dual meters)
Allows continuous monitoring of EGT in each of two engines. Front or rear panel mounting in standard 3.125" cutout. Includes 2 EGT probes.


4 or 6 probe systems (per engine), for Multi-engine aircraft
Mixture Mizer EGT-2S4 and EGT-2S6.
Mixture Mizer EGT-2 Indicator
Monitor twin engines EGT, 4 and 6 cylinders. Units fit standard 2.25" or  3.125" cutout with adjacent switch mounting for twins. Includes either 8 or 12 EGT probes.


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