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Aircraft  EGT's and CHT's
No longer available for sale, but existing installations or used units supported

Mixture Mizer Series

Low-cost single and dual meter EGT/CHT's Mixture-Mizer models  This product line uses single or dual vertical meters. Numerous options available. 


Tetra Series
4-Cylinder Aircraft Engine EGT/CHT Instrument, click for datasheet

The Tetra Series for 4-Cylinder Engines. The Tetra is an EGT only instrument for continuous monitoring of 4 Cylinder Engines, The Tetra II is an EGT/CHT selectable instrument that has 4 vertical analog needle displays to monitor combustion in all 4 cylinders simultaneously. 

Hexad Series
6-Cylinder Aircraft Engine EGT Instrument, click for datasheet
Hexad Series for 6-Cylinder Engines. Similar to the Tetra but for 6 probes, the Hexad is an EGT only instrument for 6-Cylinder Engines, while the Hexad-II adds a switch selectable EGT/CHT capability.

KS Avionics Hexad II. The Hexad II is an EGT/CHT for 6-Cylinder Engines

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