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Information on Proper Leaning of Aircraft Engines: 
Easy 4-Step Leaning Operation:
1. Align the EGT monitor pointers low on the scales using the control knobs.
2. Lean the mixture. All the pointers should rise. The first pointer that reverses is the leanest cylinder, #2 in this diagram.
3. Use that pointer for the final adjustment, 0-50 degrees rich of peak EGT or lean of peak EGT if your engine manufacturer sanctions operation in this range.
4. Align the pointers over the pointer symbol and enjoy your flight! Changes in the EGT on any cylinder are easily noted.
Note: In this example cylinder #2 is shown to be the leanest. In practice it could be any of the cylinders, and NOT NECESSARILY THE HOTTEST. Ideally all the pointers would reverse at the same mixture setting, unfortunately this is rarely the case. 
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