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Popular KSA products, EGT's and CHT's
Mixture Mizer Product Series, Click for Datasheets
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Mixture-Mizer Series

KSA Tetra Engine Analyzers
KSA Hexad Engine Analyzers
The Mixture-Mizer series is our popular low-cost single and dual meter EGT/CHT product line. Models for single and twin engine aircraft. Mizer's use either single or dual vertical meters. Tetra is EGT only instrument for continuous monitoring of 4 Cylinder Engines, the Tetra II is an EGT/CHT selectable instrument. 4 vertical analog needle displays monitor combustion in all 4 cylinders simultaneously.  Hexad Series for 6-Cylinder Engines. Similar to the Tetra but for 6 probes, the Hexad is an EGT only instrument for 6-Cylinder Engines, while the Hexad-II adds a switch selectable EGT/CHT capability.

 Information for Pilots

How to Lean Your Engine
A quick primer on how you can use an EGT to lean your engine.

 More coming to the web soon!

 Industry Renowned
 EGT and CHT sensors
Temperature Probes, Click for Datasheet
Probes & Sensors
Standard and Custom
Whether you have a KS Avionics instrument or not, you can use our premier quality EGT-CHT-TIT probes in your airplane. We can also build custom sensors for many applications.
The story of our Bruce Cruikshank and his new RV4 was the cover story in the January 2001 issue of EAA's Sport Aviation eaa story
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